MADE majice

Made shirts are very carefully designed to provide all the clothing characteristics that can be worn on all occasions. The cut is designed to provide easy and smooth dressing,- opening for the head in male shirt is designed that could not “tight”, but gives enough space for smooth movements in all directions. This opening is very slightly wider than conventional T-shirt, but still allows the use of both the sports activities, as well as for formal occasions. The sleeves are adapted to follow the line of the hands from the shoulders area, so that they “no hang” but smooth fall. In the women’s t-shirts, a slightly wider head opening is applied, but not too broad as in the fashion t-shirts which show a lot of décolletage. Female sleeves are very harmoniously made, and very well and discrete cover the shoulder arms.

The materials are carefully selected, and every material has to be very gratifying to meet with the body! For now, we used “taslama” material / 95% cotton and 5% elastin / in order to provide t- shirt smoothly falling down the body.

In any case, these are real t-shirts, which can also be a great fashion accessory.

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